God Will Cut Them Out! Many Of These People Are Near You (Must Watch)

God Will Cut Them Out! Many Of These People Are Near You (Must Watch)



Reincarnational Statism

All energy exists at the same time, dead or alive, born, dying or changed. Everything is one. Reality is a unified field in that sense.

Can Prayer Bend the Time?

Prayer is powerful. It brings peace, solutions to the problems and what not? Miracles do happen by praying! Prayer can bend the time. The general idea is that the past influences the present. But modern physics has shown that the time is linked with space. So if by due prayer it may be possible to bend the time. The past may be altered, modified, changed to suit the present situation for one who prays

One Great Christmas Verse, Three Incomparable Gifts

For many people, Christmas is primarily a time of physical consumption, feeding our bodies with much food and other material goods. May this also be a season of greatly needed spiritual consumption, feeding our souls with the Word of God and the great truths about the purpose of Christ’s birth.

Always Keep On Praying

You may not understand everything you are going through right now. It seems like things are getting worse, not better! It may not look like it’s going to work out. But God is looking for people just like you! Just when the journey seems too difficult, Jesus gladly comes to help you. What gets His attention? What should you do? Always keep on praying! Did you get that? But there’s something else you should know. what’s that? Read and find out.

Satan Is A Deceiver! Believe What I’m Teaching You

The devil wants you to think that obedience to God’s Word is a waste of time. Satan’s first and foremost strategy is deception! He is a Deceiver! Make no mistake about it! He wants you to stay ignorant of his attacks. How can this happen? Many Christians are spiritually starved and weak because they ignore spiritual food. But, I’m here to teach you how to get spiritually strong. The information you need is right here, right now and it’s vital information you need this very second.